Validate that geo_var is conforming with the NUTS1, NUTS2, or NUTS3 typologies. While country codes are technically not part of the NUTS typologies, Eurostat de facto uses a NUTS0 typology to identify countries. This de facto typology has three exception which are handled by the validate_nuts_countries function.

validate_nuts_regions(dat, geo_var = "geo", nuts_year = 2016)



A data frame with a 3-5 character geo_var variable to be validated.


Defaults to "geo". The variable that contains the 3-5 character geo codes to be validated.


The year of the NUTS typology to use. Defaults to 2016. You can select any valid NUTS definition, i.e. 1999, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2013, the currently used 2016 and the already announced and defined 2021.


Returns the original dat data frame with a column that specifies the comformity with the NUTS definition of the year nuts_year.


NUTS typologies have different versions, therefore the conformity is validated with one specific versions, which can be any of these: 1999, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2013, the currently used 2016 and the already announced and defined 2021.

The NUTS typology was codified with the NUTS2003, and the pre-1999 NUTS typologies may confuse programmatic data processing, given that some NUTS1 regions were identified with country codes in smaller countries that had no NUTS1 divisions.

Currently the 2016 is used by Eurostat, but many datasets still contain 2013 and sometimes earlier metadata.

See also

Other validate functions: validate_nuts_countries()


{ my_reg_data <- data.frame ( geo = c("BE1", "HU102", "FR1", "DED", "FR7", "TR", "DED2", "EL", "XK", "GB"), values = runif(10)) validate_nuts_regions (my_reg_data) validate_nuts_regions (my_reg_data, nuts_year = 2013) validate_nuts_regions (my_reg_data, nuts_year = 2003) }
#> geo values typology valid_2003 #> 1 BE1 0.40232824 nuts_level_1 TRUE #> 2 HU102 0.19566983 <NA> FALSE #> 3 FR1 0.40353812 nuts_level_1 TRUE #> 4 DED 0.06366146 nuts_level_1 TRUE #> 5 FR7 0.38870131 nuts_level_1 TRUE #> 6 TR 0.97554784 country TRUE #> 7 DED2 0.28989230 nuts_level_2 TRUE #> 8 EL 0.67838043 country TRUE #> 9 XK 0.73531960 country TRUE #> 10 GB 0.19595673 country TRUE